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g mkn steamboat..
Saturday, 25 June 2011 @ 08:07 | 0 Comment [s]

salam... hye... huhux ! mlm smlm kn (24.6.2011) aq n family aq g mkn steamboat kt Srmbn 2... hmm ayah aq sje jew nk blnje kte owg mkn smpena ary jd akk aq... hehehex ! best la gak... leh tahan byk la aq mkn.... hmm x pew la aq nk mkn byk2 bfore wt chemo nti... pas wt chemo msti slera mkn da x dew... best cgt2 dpt luang kn mse ngn fmly aq... happy cgt... abg2 aq smue lawan mkn ice cream... sengal btl... mmg byk gler la dowg mkn ice cream.... best3 ! hahahax ! aq nie x leh mkn byk cgt... huhux ! hmm tu jew la, k bubye.. ;)

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