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Today (21.6.2011)..
Tuesday, 21 June 2011 @ 01:30 | 2 Comment [s]

salam... td sy g hsptl semban check darah jew... huhux ! lme gak la sy duk kt hsptl semban td... 3 jam sy dok cne.. hahahax ! lme kew bg kowg ? yg lme nye bkn sbb pew, sbb nk kne tgu result darah jew... haishh ! sejam sy tgu result darah tu... letih btl mnggu nye,... tp Alhamdulillah la darah ary nie ok lg drpd mggu lepas... huhux ! so, mlm nie da strt mkn ubt... doctor ckp lau drah x ok jgn strt mkn ubt lg, tp mlm nie da leh strt sbb drah da ok... hehehex ! mgu dpn (27.6.2011) kne g hsptl semban blk tok check drah lg.. lau ok ary rbu (29.6.2011) bru la msk HKL tok wt chemo... hmm biz la pas nie slere mkn trok blk la.. hahahax ! x pew2 yg jnji sy cpt smbuh... doa kn sy taw... k bubye... :)

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