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Check Darah (11.7.2011)
Saturday, 9 July 2011 @ 08:08 | 0 Comment [s]

salam.. hye smue.. ha da lme aq x edit blog kn ? da lme x cter2 kn ? hehex ! bkn x nk cter tp aq x taw nk cter pew... hahahax ! x dew cter yg menarik pn... ;) ha skrg aq nk cter psl nk g check drah ary isnin nie, (11.7.2011).. aq sbnr nye tkut la gak nk g check drah nie... bkn tkut sbb pew... tkut nk tgk result tu... hahhax ! mtk2 ok la kn... aq x nk tangguh2 lg wt kemo... kOwg dOa kn drah aq Ok taw... hehex ! hmm k la tu jew... hahax ! kn aq da ckp x dew bnde yg mnrik pn aq nk cter nie ha... hahahx ! jgn mara yeeee... :D

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